Hello! We’re a team of experienced freelance web developers.

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We’re not a company, we’re a group of freelancers who work well together. We can self-organise to form a ready-made team or join an existing group of developers. You can hire some of us or all of us depending on your needs.


We care deeply about the quality of the work we produce. With years of industry experience we have the skills to get things done. We’re keen advocates of agile, testing, best practices and a pragmatic approach to shipping high quality code.


We specialise in full stack web development. Whether you need help scribbling on whiteboards in the planning phase, an MVP web app to validate a business idea or a dev team to come in and work on a production-ready codebase, we can help.

The Comrades

Jed Richards

A frontend focused senior JavaScript developer. Specialising in application architecture, single page web apps and highly interactive pieces. Enthusiastic advocate of Node.js for project automation and backend use cases. An ex-Flash developer, so well at home with more creative and motion based frontend tasks.


Primarily a frontend developer, specialising in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and associated technologies. Many years of experience building large websites and complex web apps. Also enjoys server-side programming with PHP, Node.js, Python and others. Capable of helping out with every phase of a project from planning and scoping through to delivery.

Mike Allanson

A pragmatic developer with frontend, backend and team-lead experience. I believe in sustainable development, where business problems can be solved with good collaboration and appropriate technologies. Can translate business needs into technical project plans. Has a soft spot for web performance, developer tooling and open source software.

Matt Collins

A full stack developer working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP and Python, using a wide range of frameworks including AngularJS, Backbone.js and Django. Many years experience working in digital agencies as well as a history of direct freelance clients. Can lead technical projects through design and build to deployment.

Richard Hallows

A senior interface developer specialising in CSS architecture for start-ups and creative agencies. Ten years of experience building websites and webapps, most recently using React. An author of Node.js CSS tooling. Ex-full stack developer with a complete understanding of website development.

Recent Projects

Digital education

We provided agile and planning consultancy to a leading digital training company while helping them re-build their bookings web app.

Rich media Ad-platform

Embedded in an agile product team we helped build an AngularJS single page web app designed to manage programmatic rich media ad campaigns.

Geolocation startup

We built the first iteration of a map-based single page web app on top of a startup’s spatial search REST API.

Ethical social network

We formed a ready-made frontend dev team to help scope, design and build a social network web app.

Self-help startup

We took on a full build of a startup’s MVP which included an online psychometric testing component.

Recruitment company

We built a Python REST API and AngularJS frontend for an MVP web app to help a large recruitment company validate a new business idea.


We approached Matt with a vision... a bold vision which we had very little idea how to build! Matt used his experience and technical knowledge to guide us through the process of turning a pipeline idea into a reality. He built from scratch a brilliantly presented and functional website which incorporated every little detail we asked for, including tools that we didn't know were possible. I would highly recommend Matt for any project you want developing and building. He's solution focused and dedicated to his craft.

Charles Montier

Co-founder Wilderness Now

Jed, Mike and Pete built a single page web application allowing users to author recipes for our interactive cookbook. Working with them was a delight, not only do they work to the highest technical standards but also excel in communication, process and documentation of work. Highly recommended!

Tim Redfern

Co-founder Drop

Matt, Jed and Pete worked in-house with us on our core product - a critical piece for our business. They were an absolute pleasure to work with - professional, knowledgeable and insightful, and they quickly became key members of a well-established team. They are top of my list for any future projects - the whole team would love to work with them again.

Simon Booth

CTO Rockabox

Working with Matt, Mike, Jed and Pete was a joyful experience. Their combination of cutting-edge experience, process, professionalism and technical ability led to an atmosphere of trust and confidence and a regular stream of high-quality pull requests. The resulting software is robust and scalable, and has made our business better. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Alasdair Blackwell

Co-founder & Head of Innovation Decoded

Pete, Jed and Mike were able to quickly organise themselves into a highly productive frontend dev team to help us plan and deliver a single page web app for a startup social network client while working closely with our in-house producer and backend devs. Despite a quick turn around and tight budget the quality of their work was excellent throughout the build.

Tom Quick

Founder & CEO

Pete and Jed worked with us to develop the first version of our one page web app during the initial stage of our business. We were really pleased with the quality of their work, it allowed us to concentrate on scaling our business which is now a great success. They understand and foresee the current and future requirements. We haven’t had to change much of the web app to this date - though it was supposed to be a prototype. The current developers have a high regard for them. The experience of working with them was more than pleasant.

Kannan Rasappan

Founder Geogrep